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History & Uses

History & Uses

Amy Files


Nothing enhances the experience of cooking like using a beautiful antique copper pan, and nothing will excite your family and guests like watching their meal prepared and served in a magnificent, 100-year-old copper pot. 

Food is a profoundly important part of our cultural heritage. Using a fine old pan that has served in kitchens for generations should remind us as we cook that we belong to a venerable yet always evolving culinary tradition.

There is also a practical reason for choosing copper cookware. Copper conducts heat quickly and uniformly across its entire surface, especially if it has a tin lining (tin also conducts heat well, unlike stainless steel). Since heat penetrates the food evenly from all sides you can cook over a lower flame and save energy. There are no hot spots on the bottom of the pan to burn whatever you are cooking, and food does not stick to tin as readily as it does to other metals. Not only do copper pans heat up more quickly, they cool down faster when removed from the heat. The cook has much greater control, which is why copper pots are the tools of choice among so many serious chefs.