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Prior to the launch of Four & Twenty Antique Copper, Ginger Tuttle was a curator at a major art museum. The work sometimes involved travel to Europe, and it was there that she first discovered antique copper cookware. In her spare time she was able to wander through cities, markets, and shops in pursuit of her new-found passion: antique copper cookware.  Ginger fell in love with the history, lore and uses of antique copper. Soon her small house was filled with fine examples from Great Britain and France. Motivated by the astonishing beauty of these pieces, Ginger began to study antique copper with the same intensity and interest that she had previously devoted to the study of fine art. She recognized that understanding this magnificent copper would require knowledge of the history of cuisine, technology, and social change, as well as the traditional methods of hand-working copper.

Four & Twenty Antique Copper introduces you to Ginger’s vast knowledge and expert eye. Here you will find a 19th Century dovetailed saucepan from France, an English chocolate pot, and many other fine examples from this classic cooking genre. Ginger is always searching for both the classic and unusual pieces. If there’s something you’ve been looking for, do not hesitate to let us know, and please visit the shop often, Ginger updates regularly with new finds from both Europe and the States. We hope you enjoy perusing Four & Twenty Antique Copper!